Are You a Good Friend? Part 3

Last post on friendship.

This is the hardest, though. Asking questions is fun. Remembering the answers takes some work, but it’s not too terribly difficult. Here’s the third.

Are you ready?

Good friends tell the truth

(insert dramatic music)

“Seriously?” You’re thinking. “Tell the truth? Really?”

Yes. And I don’t appreciate the sarcasm. This is tough.

Imagine this: Your best friend is asked out by a really, really cute guy. She is super-excited. But you know her parents would not want her going out with him. For good reason. He doesn’t have the greatest reputation. But he is really cute. And she is really excited.

What do you do?

Not easy, right? Tell her she shouldn’t go out with this guy, and she might get mad. Don’t tell her, and she might get into major trouble.

Good friends tell the truth.

But how?

This is a delicate situation. You don’t want to go in too “Jersey Girl”: “Girl, you are ca-razy. Like brains-falling-out-of-your-head, what-the-heck-are-you-thinking crazy. This guy is a box full of illegal fireworks and you are a lit match. KA-BAM. Disaster waiting to happen. Don’t even think about saying yes.”

But neither do you want to be too “Miss Southern Charm”: “Oh, sweetie. I am behind you 100%, whatever you do. Always and forever, BFF’s. You know that, right? I’ll support whatever decision you make. But, maybe, it might be a good idea to, I don’t know, just consider possibly not going out with him. But only if that’s what you want. I love your new haircut, by the way.”

Somewhere in-between is the perfect, happy medium. Honest, but caring.

“Speaking the truth in love” is what the Bible calls it (Eph. 4:25).

Good friends tell the truth. Even when it’s tough.

Have you ever had a good friend tell you the truth and protect you from a bad decision? Have you ever done that for one of your friends? If so, you have and are a good friend! If not, don’t worry…your chance will come!



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