Are You a Good Friend? Part 2

Good friends ask questions. That was lesson #1.

Lesson #2 builds on that. Good friends…

Remember the Answers

Good friends don’t just ask questions,they really listen and remember the answers.

Good friends don’t need to ask around to know what kind of gift to buy each other at their birthdays. They just know. None of the awkward, “What do you want for your birthday?” “Oh, I really don’t care (iTunes gifts card). Anything will be fine (Taylor Swift Perfume)” conversations.

Good friends remember the answers to those tough questions, too. They remember that last Valentines Day was your worst day ever, and so they plan to take you out to do something fun this Valentines Day. They remember that your most embarrassing moment included a pair of ice skates and some too-tight skinny jeans, so they bring along some stretchy sweatpants next time you hit the ice.

Good friends remember that, the last time you went to the smoothie place, you threw up the Protein-Packed Passionfruit Smoothie, and suggest the after-basketball party be at the Yogurt Spot instead. They know your favorite movie is “The Princess Bride” and walk down the hallway at school quoting lines from that film with you (because you would never talk during class, of course!).

So keep asking questions. That is important. But make sure you’re listening to the answers and remembering those, too.

Do you have stories of good friends who have remembered special things about you? Tell me all about it!

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