Good Gifts

“God delights in giving good gifts to His children.”

It sounds so simple. So easy. But this is something that has taken me years to fully embrace.

“God’s people will suffer.” I get that.

“Life is hard. God is good.” Been there.

But recently, God has been showering me….no, flooding me…with good gifts. One right after another.

And I have struggled.

At first, I felt guilty. So many people I know are struggling. Yet, I have a fabulous family, I am writing books and teaching great kids and enjoying so many blessings every day.

But as I struggled, I have felt God speaking to my soul: “Enjoy, Krista.”

The pastor at the church we attended in Texas used to say that God occasionally gives us “glimpses of the kingdom.” Little reminders that what awaits us is incredible, astounding. These great moments God gives us can’t even begin to compare with the glory of heaven. But, in His grace, God gives us a little taste of what is to come.

So I am learning to enjoy, to bask in this “glimpse of the kingdom.”

It’s a good feeling.



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