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What was memorable about your first date?


  1. Janice
    Dec 16, 2011

    My husband and I didn’t have our first date until AFTER we were engaged. Our courtship ALWAYS included my parents or his parents, because we lived so far apart. Our first real date was the night he purposed to me. That would have to be my most memorable first date.

    • krista
      Dec 16, 2011

      Wow, that IS memorable!!

  2. Gina Adams
    Dec 16, 2011

    My first date with my husband was in the “Sweet Shop” at MARANATHA Bible Camp in Nebraska. He and I talked and laughed ( and flirted a little) and then we went for a walk hand in hand in the moonlight. He asked for a kiss, but I told him that we were just infatuated with each other and that I would not kiss him, even though I really wanted to. He was very sweet about it, and later carried me over a mud puddle like a true gentleman. He also got down on one knee and asked me to go to the camp banquet on Friday. Of course, I said yes to that ! I wore a white lace dress that night. Looking back, it was the MOST ROMANTIC way to start our almost thirty year relationship, and that white dress was a symbol of what would one day be…a marriage to the most wonderful, romantic man I know!

    • krista
      Dec 17, 2011

      Aww! So sweet!

  3. Lauren Webb
    Dec 16, 2011

    Well, my first real boyfriend was in middle school and at that age other than walking down the hall together and eating at the same lunch table, what more can a couple do.

    I was so excited because this boy actually liked me! No makeup, tom-boyish, geeky braces, me.

    In order to share my “first” real date I have to mention that my father was a school resource officer at another school and of course knew the one at mine.

    It was the first time Richard and I had decided that we were going to walk down the hall hand and hand together to let the world know that we were a couple. As we walked through the 7th grade hall all the teachers and students stared..some admiring, some echoing their, “ooooo’s” and others laughing.. but, we didn’t care because we were happy.

    I hadn’t mentioned my new boyfriend to my father because he was the over-protective, stay at arms length, if you even look at my daughter you’re going to get shot, kind of dad.

    The SAME day Richard and I professed are middle school love to the World my dad randomly decided to pick me up from school. While this wasn’t always a weird thing, one always knew that something had to be wrong if daddy came to pick us up.

    Lauren: “Hey dad!”
    Dad: “Heeeeyyy Lauren”
    Lauren: “Ummm,are you okay?”
    Dad: “Great! So, how was your day?”
    Lauren: “Fine, didn’t really learn anything new.”
    Dad: “Oh really? I learned something new today?”
    Lauren: “Thats cool. What?”
    Dad:”I got a phone call today from your School Resource Officer ”
    Lauren: “Is he going to come work at your school?”
    Dad: “Nope. He did happen to mention though that he saw someone holding hands with someone else at school today. Any ideas on who those two people are?”
    Lauren: “Ummm, that pretty much leaves the whole school as suspects?”
    (By this point the nerves have started and I know I’m caught)
    Dad: “Uh-huh…So, what’s his name?”

    As a middle schooler who was hitting the puberty years and desperately wanted some sort of privacy I was mortified and upset that my father seemed to have people everywhere watching me…

    I will NEVER forget that day!

    As for Richard, he moved away but he has always been the only boyfriend that I have truely liked!

    I could’ve made my response short and sweet, but it was fun to write this out and share!

    • krista
      Dec 17, 2011

      LOL! I love long responses!!

  4. Kelly Cooper
    Dec 26, 2011

    My most memorable fist day was not a normal first date. One weekend I was out with my friend Tami. We went to a college hang out. We were leaving I saw a very tall, and handsome man. He walked me out that night but we did not get each others names. I regreted that I didn’t find out anything about him. The next weekend Tami and I went out to the same hang out again. I saw my tall and handsome guy across the room. I worked my way through the crowd and introduced myself. We talked for a while and when it was time to leave he followed Tami and I back to her apartment. Adam took Tami and I out to eat at 3 o’clock in the morning to a small cafe. We returned to Tami’s apartment and the 3 of us talked for a while. I walked Adam to his truck and we exchanged phone numbers. He came to see me the next day. Adam and I have spend very little time apart since that day. We met in September of 1998 and we were married in December of 1998. That first date lead to 13 wonderful years. Adam is my best friend and is a wonderful husband and father. We will celebrate our 13th years of marriage in just a few days. I am excited to spend many more years with him!

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