Why Esther? Part 2: Viva Espana

2006 -our family was living in Spain. Yes, that’s right. Living. In Spain. It is just as glorious as it sounds. If you walk the cobbled streets of downtown Madrid, you’ll see a little peice of my heart – right beside the Starbucks in the Plaza Mayor.

If you haven’t read the previous post, here is the condensed version: I lived in Texas and studied Esther and loved both very much.

But, even when I lived in Spain, I still hadn’t thought about writing a modernization of the book of Esther where a shy seventeen year old goes on a reality TV show to try and win a date with the President’s hunky son. I was thinking about whether to see the world-class museum or the beautifully restored castle. To catch the Metro into town to see a bullfight or go outside of the city to see a 2000 year old aqueduct (above). Decisions, decisions.

But while I was living there, a friend in the states encouraged me to write an article for a Christian teen magazine called Brio. I had never really thought about writing as anything more than a hobby, but I thought – why not? So when I sat down to write, racking my brain for a topic, guess what popped into my head?


I was still thinking about all I had learned from that study several years before. So I took some of those ideas and turned them into an article. The editor at Brio liked it and published it. I was a writer! Kind of. But I didn’t really think of writing fiction. I did continue to write articles, though, and blogs. And lots of e-mails. I even kept journals.  Looking back, I realize that I really did like to write. My computer’s hard drive was filled with all kinds of little bits of writing, from newsletters we sent out to supporters to skits that I wrote for church. At the time, I had no real purpose for it all except that it was something I enjoyed and, especially when we lived in Spain, it was fun to communicate in a language I didn’t completely butcher.

But a book? No way. Not me. I love to read, but write? A whole book? I didn’t think I had it in me.

And I didn’t. But God promises to show His strength through our weakness. And a few years later, He did just that.

But that’s for Part 3….:)

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