Shameless Plug for My Church’s Christmas Presentation

I got to be fitted for a costume today.

It was really fun.

The costume is beautiful – it looks like something Mary Poppins would wear. (insert “Supercalifragilistic” :)) My dress is blue and shiny with puffy sleeves and a big black belt. And, of course, the outfit is not complete without matching hat and gloves!

I will be wearing this delightful dress in our church’s Christmas play. I love getting to be part of a play that glorifies God and points people to Him. While dressed like Mary Poppins. I’m pretty sure this is exactly how we’ll dress in heaven.

So if you’re in the Tampa area and looking for some great CHRISTmas entertainment, come on down and see, “Yes, Virginia…A Christmas Letter” at Idlewild Baptist Church. (check the right side of this website for ticket info)

I’ll be the one wearing a beautiful blue dress with puffy sleeves, a big black belt and a HUGE smile!


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