Breaking up with my computer

She has been my friend, my confidante, my connection to the outside world.  She has traveled the country with me, lived in Spain with me, settled back to Tampa with me.  She has helped me write my first published article, send out proposals to agents and publishers. She sits patiently as I type, delete, and retype books and blogs and e-mails.  She has watched as my kids’ little fingers went from playing Reader Rabbit to to Webkinz and to Facebook.

I have looked up symptoms for broken arms on her. I have checked out new cars and new homes. I have kept in touch with friends from all over the world. Her screen has housed Skype conversations with loved ones. The first glimpse I got of my neice, born in Indonesia, was on this computer.

Lately, though, she’s slowing down. I see the hourglass icon more than I see the arrow. She gets angry faster, getting all hot under the keyboard for no reason – just because I spend a little too much time looking up videos on Youtube or opening pictures of my friends on Facebook.

She has no battery left, so I can’t take her anywhere. The keys are sticky from the layers of snacks and dust that have made their way underneath them. The “a” doesn’t always work, and the top has a chunk of plastic missing from an unknown offender. She’s bigger than any of my friends’ computers. My students laugh when I pull her out of her huge bag, knowing she has been in high school longer than they have.

I know it’s time to move on. Let her go. I’d get my work done much faster. My back would hurt less (she’s a heavy girl). I’d have more room on my desk for my notes and my cup of coffee. But saying goodbye is hard for me. I may close her case. I may pull her plug. I may donate her to a museum that displays relics from the past. But a tiny piece of her will always be right in the center of my he rt.


  1. Elizabeth
    Oct 29, 2011

    I so totally know the feeling…. my Mac is doing well right now, but when she gets to that point I am going to be in the exact same boat. I have had other computers, but this one has been with me through some of the most important thing that have happened in 4 years. I’ve often thought that I will probably keep her in a box somewhere when she is old and feeble because I don’t think I could ever truly part with her 🙂

    Also, I CANNOT WAIT to read your book! Mine is coming along slowly but surely. I have about 260 pages… maybe about 100 more to go. I have so much more in my head, so I am thinking that this whole story will be a trilogy.

    • krista
      Oct 31, 2011

      Hey Elizabeth! Keep on writing. And trilogy nothing…sounds like the first one will be a trilogy. You’ve already got the makings of the Star Wars epic. You go, girl!!

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