My Novel Story

People ask me all the time, “How did you get to be a writer?”
I feel kind of guilty. For someone who loves a great story, the story about my story is pretty dull. No drama. Not a lot of conflict. No “bad guy” trying to thwart me at every turn. I haven’t even had a really tough case of writer’s block yet. I just have some days when I choose to watch a movie on TCM when I should be working on my next chapter.
What’s not boring is the reason why I am a writer. It’s the same reason why I was able to get published. And it’s not an “it”, it’s a “He”: Jesus Christ.
God gave me the idea for the book a few years ago. I spent my mornings in the summer of 2009 going to the library and writing. I kept telling my husband (who stayed home to watch the kids so I could write), “I don’t know if anything is going to come of this. I don’t even know if I can finish it.” But he kept watching the kids, and I kept going to the library, and God kept giving me ideas. So by the time school started in August of 2009, I had written the first draft of First Date (originally titled Get Real).
Six months later, I had an agent. Writers need agents because publishers rarely look at unsolicited manuscripts. I sent my book to several agents, but only one was interested. That one happened to be the very one I had prayed for.
My agent helped me put together a proposal that was sent to several publishers. But I felt like God was telling me to just pray for the Thomas Nelson team. Not that the other publishers weren’t great. They are! But that’s what I felt God telling me. So I spent all last summer (2010) praying that the Thomas Nelson fiction team would choose to publish my book.
A year ago this month, the Thomas Nelson team choose to publish it.

This is me signing the contract for Thomas Nelson

I have gotten to know God better these last two years. The people I’ve met, from my agent to my publishers, to others involved, each have something new to teach me about my Savior. But the total dependence on God that writing forces on me has been the most beautiful gift that has come from this writing adventure.
So that’s my story. It may not be the most exciting. But it’s mine.
No, let me take that back. It’s not mine. It never has been. This is God’s story. And I’m not just talking about the book I wrote. I’m talking about everything. My life – and yours – is a story that God is writing. An amazing story. I can’t wait to read His next chapter!



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