The Real Krista McGee?

My name is Krista McGee, and I’m a writer. But I have a confession. I might as well get it out now because it’ll get out eventually.

I haven’t always wanted to be a writer.  It was my second choice. What I really wanted to be, since I was four years old, was….

Wonder Woman.

Laugh if you will, but she was the coolest superhero ever. She had a lasso of truth that forced the bad guys to spill their guts. Her oh-so-stylish bronze bracelets were killer weapons of defense. And who but an Amazon princess could sport an American flag draped snugly against a body that would make Barbie jealous?

I used to sit in my room, dressed in my costume and spinning in circles, just like Wonder Woman. I’d lasso the truth out of super villains. Superman would take one look at me and drop Lois Lane. I had it all planned.

But, alas, I grew up. And started using words like “alas”. From there, it was just a lasso-drop to being a writer. Not that being a writer is bad. Not at all. I still seek truth. But I use words instead of a lasso. And my wardrobe is much more modest these days — although I still have a weakness for shiny bracelets.

No, I did not grow up to be a Superhero. Not that kind, anyway. There’s a long story, one I’ll share later, that explains how I got where I am today. It’s a cool story. Lots of drama. Romance. Oranges. A lion. Metal rods fused to my spine. You know, the usual stuff. But that’s for later.

Oh, by the way, my first book, First Date, will be in bookstores in December. Shy girl. President’s hunky son. A reality TV show. The biblical story of Esther. I’ll tell you more about that later, too.  I didn’t want to overload you on the first entry.

Take home message for today: If your dream of being Wonder Woman  doesn’t work out, you can be a writer instead.

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  1. Rebeca Matos
    Aug 5, 2011

    i love it!… I should have known your first love was fighting crime and handsome boys… 🙂

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